Gokarna tourist-diversity

Message from a Singaporean Tourist to Local and District authorities, 2019 De : KWAN RONG Soh <> Date: mer. 13 mars 2019 à 11:04 Subject: Waste Management Problem in Gokarna To: <>, <>, <> Cc: <>, <>, <> Addressed to: Tourism Department, Government of Karnataka Subject: Waste Management Problem in Gokarna I am a visitor…


Gokarna disaster

Potentially, Gokarna is the wealthiest village of the whole District, be its multiple resources properly managed. Khushi Parisara, extremely concerned with the tourism growth at Gokarna, with its extensive use & throw practices, the massive CRZ encroaching, the huge tourists/visitors OD, the large garbage incineration, the death and heavy pollution of water bodies, etc, got prepared to…


Sita Hegde

Seeta Hegde Was born in France 40 years ago where she studied and worked in the field of Art History and Tourism Management. She had the great opportunity to travel to many countries and learn a lot about different cultures and traditions. She arrived in India in 2006 and got married few years later. Since…


Anushree Shet

Born in Kumta 50 years earlier, Anushree started her school in Yellapur, then, due to her father profissional assignments, she enrolled in Sirsi and Kumta, finally back to Sirsi where she completed her PUC in Science, English and Kannada Shorthand and Typewriting . She worked as Stenographer within the frame of Lokayukta. After marriage, in…


Bus Stand – Kumta

The Bus Stand, by its huge visibility, has to be a place teaching people the best good practices concerning cleanliness and waste in order to model a clean behaviour. Actually, bus stations of NWKRTC, in remarkable contrast with surrounding train stations, are generally dirty with trash and spits spread all around.Toilets are dirty and without the proper facilities.There are…


Court burlesque swachh program

Mummery of swachhata at Kumta Court   For long time that the premisses of the court in Kumta were exhibiting a filthy show to the sight of all of us, frequenting it or just passing by. the windows being used then as dustbins the waste being incinerated on the spot and the toilets showing the most…


Mangala Team changing waste patterns

Simple story … they arrived in Gokarna at the very beginning of the tourist the season, coming from France. They were having their holidays with the family, moving around, observing, noting the dreadful condition of the seashore. Asking and talking and discussing they started collecting all the plastic bottles they were finding on their way… Removing…


TSP waste management – Gokarna 2018

The waste management practices of Tourism Service Providers (TSP) on the seashore remain, year after year, perfectly ecocidal. Their preferred system is the open burning of all waste, creating a long hours persistent smoke on their area, either at early morning or late evening. The alternate system is the burying of all waste on the shoreline,…


burning waste – Kumta

  At Kumta, as at uncountable rural and urban areas, citizens by themselves and local bodies workers,daily dispose of garbage by burning it everywhere… mainly at sunset … but at raising sun also           And still: