burning waste – Kumta

  At Kumta, as at uncountable rural and urban areas, citizens by themselves and local bodies workers,daily dispose of garbage by burning it everywhere… mainly at sunset … but at raising sun also           And still:


Open waste burning – Gokarna

Gram Panchayat workers burning trash at Sangam    Restaurants on the seashore burning their trash every other day Gram Panchayat burning waste every day at the dumping site! Actually, when we witness these practices we understand that waste is one of the biggest “ecociders”. Waste fulfils all the criteria of an ecocide: environmental destruction, damage of ecosystems,  threaten to all sorts of…



Guest houses and Shacks near the seashore create mini landfills at their surroundings, burning them at will, at any time, day and/or night.  They use the strategy to pill up all “sinful” garbage and cover it with leaves; actually people do not segregate inorganic waste from organic waste, they hide the inorganic under the organic and…


Suwarna Apte

Suwarana Apte Suwarna was born in Gokarna and lives in Kudle with her joint family. Getting married with a Maharastrian boy she went to live there for few years, but she returned to Kudle. She has two daughters. She had varied professional experiences, all turned to social work. She wants to invest herself on the issues of waste segregation as…

Events Eco-form TMC- previewjpg


In a drive to raise awareness from all stakeholders, also to find ways to lead behavioural changes among all, we drafted a set of forms, that we like to call “eco-forms”, to be adopted at all occasions in daily activities. We have started with a Chart for eco-friendly practices in offices to make people aware…


Working draft 2016

HOW KARNATAKA COASTAL COMMUNITIES CAN SOLVE THE MARINE DEBRIS ISSUE   RATIONALE Bargaining the ocean means compromising basic life. Beings health, prosperity and secure climate depend on the health of ocean. To act now on the ocean’s health is to advance sustainable growth, crucial for a more inclusive and peaceful world. Now, fish is becoming…


Ghost nets at Alvedande

Fishermen discard the nets when they get badly damaged. If there are only small wear and tear, they repair. But if the damage is big, they abandon the nets all around. Their material is predominantly non-biodegradable nylon. Disposing such nets is a concern for Khushi Parisara that have tried to outreach local fishermen about its dangers. They…

Kumta 2018 - Action Plan

Kumta 2018 – Action Plan

DC 1.    Strict enforcement of rules (waste, sound, plastics) 2.    Provide apt Waste Manager and qualified Health Officer to Kumta 3.    Upgrade unusable public toilets (Kumta) 4.    Assign Committee for achieving SDG14 Commitment        AC 1.    Strictly implement Plastic ban 2.     Implement Chart for Eco-friendly practices at all Offices 3.    Launch ZERO WASTE…


Brigade for anti-burning waste

To create consciousness about the so common practice of burning waste, a brigade anti-burning has been created to act in Kumta in Gokarna. Distributing the notice published at Udayavani  on the order of the National Green Tribunal, and fixing sign boards at most required places, we expect to make people understand that burning became a serious offence,…

water body

Water bodies Kumta

In town, water bodies are also dustbins, place for high plastic-diversity.   The mangrove area is still more threatened as it is closer to the Highway, from where huge amount of garbage is discharged and daily dumped .