Bus Stand – Kumta

The Bus Stand, by its huge visibility, has to be a place teaching people the best good practices concerning cleanliness and waste in order to model a clean behaviour. Actually, bus stations of NWKRTC, in remarkable contrast with surrounding train stations, are generally dirty with trash and spits spread all around.Toilets are dirty and without the proper facilities.There are…


Court burlesque swachh program

Mummery of swachhata at Kumta Court   For long time that the premisses of the court in Kumta were exhibiting a filthy show to the sight of all of us, frequenting it or just passing by. the windows being used then as dustbins the waste being incinerated on the spot and the toilets showing the most…


burning waste – Kumta

  At Kumta, as at uncountable rural and urban areas, citizens by themselves and local bodies workers,daily dispose of garbage by burning it everywhere… mainly at sunset … but at raising sun also           And still: http://www.khushiparisara.in/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Fire.mp4?_=1 http://www.khushiparisara.in/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Benki2_CLIPCHAMP_480p-copy.mp4

Kumta 2018 - Action Plan

Kumta 2018 – Action Plan

DC 1.    Strict enforcement of rules (waste, sound, plastics) 2.    Provide apt Waste Manager and qualified Health Officer to Kumta 3.    Upgrade unusable public toilets (Kumta) 4.    Assign Committee for achieving SDG14 Commitment        AC 1.    Strictly implement Plastic ban 2.     Implement Chart for Eco-friendly practices at all Offices 3.    Launch ZERO WASTE…

water body

Water bodies Kumta

In town, water bodies are also dustbins, place for high plastic-diversity.   The mangrove area is still more threatened as it is closer to the Highway, from where huge amount of garbage is discharged and daily dumped .  

KT Drain Subhash copy

Random in town

Along with the composting endeavour at Fish market and other places, with the blessings of TMC and  DHO, other experiments are going on. Using drains as dustbins saves investment and makes extremely accessible the disposal of waste by public. It is the main choice in Kumta, even after the collection of dry waste is done…


Municipal burning in Kumta

January 2016, we have asked to the then Municipal Chief Officer, Megharaj Naik, to urgently stop burning trash in town. After his departure from the post, we have renewed last March the request to the Municipal Chief Officer in charge, the environmental engineer, Nagendra Gaonkar. Since no action was taken, and still all sort of garbage is intensively burnt in the streets of…

Politics of nature

Politics of Nature for Kumta Taluka

Politics of Nature for Kumta Taluka Today’s great changes, whether ecological, democratic or digital, require a profound transformation of our society and lead to different power relationships. More and more of us are convinced that citizen engagement is the cornerstone of global change. But what are we talking about when we talk about citizen engagement?…


Modelling pro-environmental behaviour

MODELLING PRO-ENVIRONMENTAL BEHAVIOUR AT SCHOOL, will be conducted at all schools of Gokarna and Kumta. Teachers are going to lead the way for raising awareness on this topic.   MODELLING PRO-ENVIRONMENTAL BEHAVIOUR FROM/AT SCHOOL   Input –  printed and audio-video material, training of the students Output –  Gokarna and Kumta students will become waste aware…