Members, Supporters & Volonteers


Sita Hegde

Seeta Hegde Was born in France 40 years ago where she studied and worked in the field of Art History and Tourism Management. She had the great opportunity to travel to many countries and learn a lot about different cultures and traditions. She arrived in India in 2006 and got married few years later. Since…


Martine Sautet

since her heart was taken by Mother India, she lives in Bankikodla half of the year. 68 years old, mother of 2 girls and grand mother, she was Tv producer and filmmaker in Paris (France) and she likes all types of communication, especially social medias. Retired, she enjoyed gardening and social service at deep center…


Rupa Bhatti

Post Graduate and Doctorate on Environmental Sciences Roopa started her career teaching in the Post Graduate Departments of Environmental Sciences and Applied Botany. Then as Research Associate she studied the Impact of Globalization and Economic Liberalization on farmers of India. Later as Program Officer at FRLHT (Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions), she coordinated…

Shoukat Ali Shaikh

Shoukat Ali Shaikh was born in 1985, in the rural area of Kumta. He is serving as employee in a private company. He has completed his degree (Bachelor of Engineering) from the R V College of Engineering, Bangaluru. Although he his fully engaged in the Information Technology field, still keeps an active interest in global…


Ana S.

Ana S, born 766 new moons ago, carries the weight of a European educational background in Philosophy, Religious Anthropology, Indian Studies and the light of Indian immersion by way of fieldwork. Teaching, writing, editing, and publishing books and papers, she has conducted research projects on medical anthropology (Ayurveda), comparative studies and therapeutic traditions, both in…


Kedar Shende

Kedar Shende, 48 years; 20 years background of Ayurveda – consultancy and teaching. Conversant with movements and happenings in the field of Ayurveda – modern practice, research as well as traditional practice. Taught and supervised students of Ayurveda in Europe and Israel for last 10+ years. Founder member of Aryavarta Ayurved Anusandhan Ashram for studying,…


Jagdish Naik

Jagdish Naik was born in Gokarna by the 5th of June 1977. He did his primary studies studies at hoskatta and sanikatta, torke. College at ankola and Shri Devraj Urs Medical College at Kolar. Later he did Anesthesia at Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences, Hubli. Workerd at Hattikeri belse, Ankola, then last 6 months he is medical officer…


Raj Bhatt

  Raj Bhatt, was born at Handigona, Kumta, by the 6th may 1984. He was brought up there and did his studies at Gibb High School, Kumta.      

Gt Pt

Geetha Naik

Geetha Naik is Associate Professor at the Dept. of Botany, Dr. A. V. Baliga College of Arts & Sc.,  Kumta. Her two main research projects focused on “Origin and Evolution of Raishan Millet” (Digitaria cruciata var. cruciata of Khasi Hillsof Meghalaya) and on “A native variety of Paddy – KAGGA, to compare its SEED PROTEIN profile with…