Ana S, born 820 new moons ago, carries the weight of a European educational background in Philosophy, Religious Anthropology, Indian Studies and the light of Indian immersion by way of fieldwork.

Teaching, writing, editing, and publishing books and papers, she has conducted research projects on medical anthropology (Ayurveda), comparative studies and therapeutic traditions, both in Europe and in India.
Currently, she is senior researcher at CHAM (New University of Lisbon), Director of the OIES (India), President of Khushi Parisara (India), member of Arogyam (India).
Along with her academic and familiar practice, she is deeply engaged with different shades of marine revamping ventures and is committed to foster healthy and happy environments through daily small and big changes.
Her present research project Wadgalaji, Healing Thru Waste, questing the ritual solutions for healing in Uttara Kannada, promises to bridge divinity and waste.
Ana enjoys building projects and is part of several betterment actions. She nourishes herself with silence, solitude and samudra, and indulges in cooking and cleaning.