Last January we have asked to the then Municipal Chief Officer, Megharaj Naik, to urgently stop burning trash in town.

After his departure from the post, we have renewed last March the request to the Municipal Chief Officer in charge, the environmental engineer, Nagendra Gaonkar.

Since no action was taken, and still all sort of garbage is intensively burnt in the streets of Kumta, we made a request last  November to the Taluka Health Officer, Dr. Ajna Naik, to take urgent action on this daily sanitary offence.

Still, no action has been taken and we have requested in December to District Deputy Commissioner, Mr. Nakul,  to notify the Municipality to immediately stop it.


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On a personal meeting in December with the new Chief Officer, Mr. M.K. Suresh, attended also by Health Inspector, Mrs Leila Thomas, we renewed our requests to take urgent action on these heavy violations.

But still, everyday we can see Municipality sweepers performing this hazardous activity to start the fire:burning-lady


And still these last days: