The Bus Stand, by its huge visibility, has to be a place teaching people the best good practices concerning cleanliness and waste in order to model a clean behaviour.

Actually, bus stations of NWKRTC, in remarkable contrast with surrounding train stations, are generally dirty with trash and spits spread all around.Toilets are dirty and without the proper facilities.There are no bins at the buses.There is no complaint book.Timetables are obsolete.

In 2016 we have requested to Divisional Controller to model public behaviour by promoting the cleanliness of premises and their environment through a strong action to tackle the problems spinning around the extremely critical sanitary conditions of the Bus Stand.

We have requested the urgent implementation of the Solid and Plastic Management Rules, namely by the survey, report and instruction of  corrective measures for Solid & Plastic Waste Management and sanitary conditions of the Bustand. 

During the 2 years passed we tried to beget the effort of Divisional Controller and Depot Manager to operate the needful changes, mainly through action in 3 fronts


  • keep the drinking water place clean and its taps correctly working
  • provide proper size container for recyclables (bottles/wrappers/card board, milk pouches)
  • provide a spitting point
  • place abundant boards about littering, spitting, urinating – and fines amount for violators
  • loud (inspiring) announcement to model clean behaviour
  • notify hotels and shops to
    • strictly comply with Solid & Plastic Waste Management Rules (given to all last year)
    • remove all shop items from public places &
    • if required, allow shops to build a common storage place
  • create a composting pit for the wet waste of hotels and fruit stalls
  • don’t allow flex boards, plastic cups, straws, plastic bags at the bus stand
  • Update timetable (KN & EN)
  • fix correctly the parking place near auto-rikshaws
  • plant trees and make small fence on their surroundings


  • provide dustbin inside buses
  • put warnings at the entrance of the buses for keeping the bus clean
  • upgrade destinations in English


  • Properly wash walls, doors, floor
  • Properly clean toilets with acid every month
  • Remove all unused items accumulated
  • Provide:
    • proper bucket for discharge, brush, dustbins
    • separate bin only for sanitary items (diapers and sanitary pads)
    • correct hand washing facility
  • Display price for use
  • Random monitor toilets and stations cleanliness





However, after 2 years we have still this pathetic display

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