Marine Trash


Working draft 2016

HOW KARNATAKA COASTAL COMMUNITIES CAN SOLVE THE MARINE DEBRIS ISSUE   RATIONALE Bargaining the ocean means compromising basic life. Beings health, prosperity and secure climate depend on the health of ocean. To act now on the ocean’s health is to advance sustainable growth, crucial for a more inclusive and peaceful world. Now, fish is becoming…

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Voluntary Commitment

 How Karnataka coastal communities can solve marine debris issue Objectives Provide full marine literacy of coastal communities Operationalize the disposal system of fish gears Reverse the lack of national, regional and state policies on marine litter and marine literacy Speed up the implementation of Solid and Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016 to prevent marine trash…

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Marine Litter

MARINE LITTER Where are we, concerning marine trash? Unfortunately we are not alone, nor in space nor in time – before us, after us, everywhere, marine trash is a huge issue and we are all liable for it. All of us. Main sources of marine litter are land based: landfills rivers and floodwaters industrial outfalls storm…