We requested to the PDO

to take a plastics zero-tolerance stance  at Gokarna, urgently”,

also, after many previous appeals, we requested the President of GP to

urgently provide the byelaw with the needful penal framework for enforcement, in the area under your jurisdiction, of the plastic ban ruled by the Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016 .”

Then, to prepare a “clean shivaratri” we have approached Gokarna GP explaining our aims, suggesting strategies and requesting joint action for these

1. Main targets

  • to keep the place unpolluted
  • to minimize waste generation and dumping
  • to make people aware, happy and blessed1

2. Procedures

  • Strictly abide to waste & plastic management rules
  • Respect sound pollution rules
  • Request assistance from local police for it
  • Provide temporary free toilets
  • Enforce segregation of waste at ALL temples
  • Provide abundant “selective” dustbins for recycling wastes
  • Affix and distribute plentiful warnings on waste practice
  • Replace (or complement) the “entertainment park” with informative stand on good waste practices
  • Display movies on SW&PM
  • Include the outstanding participation of GP members
  • Involve local groups for implementing and monitoring

We have contacted also for joint action:

Belaku and Mahabaleshwar Trust

Some didactic material have been provided to the GP to be abundantly used on event.

Next we have prepared a handbill and a pamphlet to be distributed.

We have approached the PSI to request his help on the venture of getting a clean shivaratri

We also contacted the Health Officer that was tireless on his support and joint venture.

We have provided a new sound announcement about cleanliness and plastics abuse in Kannada, English, and Hindi.

We have fixed nearly 25 emergency bins for plastic bottles collection

And we have organized an outreach program, aiming to reduce the general waste and the discarded plastic bottles with the following actions:

  • distributing handbills, posters, pamphlets









bottle statue GK


  • conceiving and fixing “emergency bins” to collect plastic bottles
  • requesting temples to do not distribute, nor accept, plastic bags on their premises