Mummery of swachhata at Kumta Court  

For long time that the premisses of the court in Kumta were exhibiting a filthy show to the sight of all of us, frequenting it or just passing by.


P1080410 P1080429 P1080895

the windows being used then as dustbins


the waste being incinerated on the spot

P1080677 P1080680

and the toilets showing the most pathetic unhygienic conditions


After a period of attempt to get the Court premises as role model for cleanliness of Civic Bodies, the Senior Judge accepted to launch a function to  implement a radical change in the premisses.

court annon


Banners and boards were displayed

court banner

an eco-bin for plastic bottles and another for collecting batteries were fixed

court copy

A dozen of brooms were borrowed, and many took the broom


the press was called to spread words and images of the event to show to all a good example to follow (inwards and outwards)

P1080682 P1080684

the chart for eco-friendly practices in offices was adopted and 1 minute of silence to honour Gandhi memory was observed.



However,  the day of the function itself there were no dustbins, the toilets were not clean, without mugs, nor bins …

The brooms were given back, the attempt filed and quashed.

Three days later still there were no dustbins at public zones, tap connections remained improperly fixed (not working, or leaking), toilets were not clean, missing brushes, mugs and bins for sanitary pads, with the gents toilet offering the usual extremely disgusting smell.

Fresh hotspots of garbage and new remains of burned garbage could be seen.




Almost one year passed and it is possible to observe the incapacity of occupiers to keep the premises clean.

Still no dustbins available, plastic bottles lying all around, windows remaining dustbins, waste being burned in the open, against the most severe orders of SC and NGT.

And we wonder why is Court  giving to the public frequenting its place this example to follow.

Who is liable for this?

P1110005 P1110006 P1110004 P1110003 P1110001 P1100999 P1100998 P1100997 P1100996 P1100993 P1100992 P1100991 P1100990 P1100989

If public has this type of display at such key civic bodies premises as a Court, which behavioural change can be expected at large?