In a drive to raise awareness from all stakeholders, also to find ways to lead behavioural changes among all, we drafted a set of forms, that we like to call “eco-forms”, to be adopted at all occasions in daily activities.

We have started with a Chart for eco-friendly practices in offices to make people aware of (and practice) the most simple steps to keep the working premisses clean and show to public how to perform.


KANNADA version:


For monitoring its implementation, a check-list was conceived:

CHART Check list EN

KANNADA version:


Next, inviting the educational role of the police staff, we have elaborated a simple proviso to be given when organizers request permission to the Police.

Events Provisos EN

KANNADA version:


Kumta Municipality also produced an eco-form to be undertaken for all events

Events Eco-form TMC-

We proposed also this one for the special case of Kumta Manki Ground



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