First news …

With the blessings of all official hierarchy, TMC Kumta is trying a pilot project on composting.

At the local fish market the washing sewage, the breaks of fish, along with all sorts of compostable and apparently un-compostable items are kept for weeks on the old drain, with the prospect of producing exquisite manure to especially nourish the mangroves so deeply affected by the local waste pollution.

Fortunately the customers of the fish market seem not troubled with the ghastly smell that goes along this composting procedure (this side yet waiting for an improvement), giving a direct support to the endeavour

At Fish Market,

P1050673          P1050675

bioplas pit     P1050695     P1050696      P1050697


After collecting the solid manure

P1050708     P1050710          P1050714




(Note: Opposite to Anant complex the same kind of experiment is going on, but here without the fish breaks)

Anant complex drain

To be continued

Stay tuned … to be updated with the outcomes