Khushi Parisara is suggesting the Police Corps to go beyond local people’s perception that Police is mainly concerned with 2 offences [smoking and helmet], the only ones deserving boards and agents to implement them.

And we are requesting to take some action on general waste related offenses (burning, throwing and dumping), also on plastics, debris, sound, etc. that cause public nuisance and serious environmental damage.

On the normal rounds, surveillance of such nuisances appears as a simple action to adopt, showing that Sound, Waste, Plastic Pollution Rules and Karnataka Police Act do apply here also.

The exemption from complying with these laws is showing to public that some laws are to be scrapped and nuisance to people or to environment is absolutely irrelevant, being in this way sanctioned by local powers and local officers.

Now, this is certainly not the trend that our guardians empowered by the State to enforce the law want to follow.

Even if the difficulties to apply the rules may, at time, be problematic, demanding a more creative enforcement, it worth the effort.

So we are asking to our PSIs to plan strategic survey of dirt, waste, stones or debris thrown on streets and public places, notifying for its removal. Also to survey and educate people on Sound and Plastic pollution.

This is just an attempt to implement good practices to protect the environment.

Police Corps succour for it brings an invaluable contribution.


Actually Khushi Parisara is inviting the educative duty of the police body.
Being key public stakeholders, we are approaching them for a sound and firm action to help us to preserve our land, air, ocean and land waters, teaching people to observe waste, plastic and sound pollution regulations, acting on related nuisances such as burning, littering, dumping, blasting.
We are calling them to give some priority of their interventions on environmental issues that are exceedingly affecting not only public health as environment’s health.
Fortunately we have extremely good regulations for this. It is under their power to observe and apply them.
It is great time to give priority to environment, before it is too late.

For that we are sharing a

First Aid Kit


Plastic ban


Sound Pollution