1.    Strict enforcement of rules (waste, sound, plastics)

2.    Provide apt Waste Manager and qualified Health Officer to Kumta

3.    Upgrade unusable public toilets (Kumta)

4.    Assign Committee for achieving SDG14 Commitment




1.    Strictly implement Plastic ban

2.     Implement Chart for Eco-friendly practices at all Offices

3.    Launch ZERO WASTE KUMTA (eco-points+e-waste+charts+ …)

4.    Haste Court decision related to Manki Ground

5.    Implement SDG 14 Commitment mapping priorities and actions on marine trash for a joint roadmap of Ocean Literacy for ALL




A. Infra-structural measures

1.    Create public toilets in town (request permission to build to NWKRCT)

2.    Take strict and sustained Plastics Zero Tolerance measures

3.    Notify public, by all available means, that littering, dumping and burning waste are offences (everywhere, drains included)

4.    fix warning boards at the most critical places.

5.    notify santhe vendors to properly manage their waste





1.    clean drains and prevent dumping there

2.    survey sewage of temples & toilets to drains (Rathabidi, Mahalasa, HighTech, etc.)

3.    remove massive trash at chronic dumping spots and prevent dumping there

4.    burning of undifferentiated trash by public

5.    plan secondary waste collection (parks, roads, urban area)

6.    notify Flex printers

7.    tackle plastics and flex at source




1.    Assign an e-waste dropping point

2.    Roadmap for eco-bins (plastic bottles/glass bottles/batteries/e-waste)

3.    Prepare to launch eco-points (plastic & glass bottles, batteries, e-waste, school waste books) [competition for collection of bottles and batteries]

4.    With BEO, involve eco-clubs for the protection of water bodies

5.    With BEO, involve colleges to promote e-waste collection

6.    Launch the Zero Waste Program – Invite AC+DC +MLA


7.    Notify all shops to provide bin & do not throw on the road or drain

8.    Announce revised route map of waste collection

9.    Provide proper equipment, tools and train to pourakarmikas

10.Create WA number for waste related issues & monitoring

11.Take Plastics Zero Tolerance measures (heavily fining, seizing at source)




1. Modules to all Taluka schools as planned

2. Creation of eco-bins at all schools for batteries and books

3. With Colleges manage e-Waste Collection drive

4. Chart for eco-friendly practices to be adopted at all schools.

5. Ocean Literacy for SDG14



1. Take action on general waste related offenses (burning, throwing and dumping), plastics, debris, etc. causing public nuisance and environmental damage.

2. Survey dirt, waste, stones or building materials thrown on the streets and public places, notifying for its removal.