since her heart was taken by Mother India, she lives in Bankikodla half of the year.

68 years old, mother of 2 girls and grand mother, she was Tv producer and filmmaker in Paris (France) and she likes all types of communication, especially social medias.

Retired, she enjoyed gardening and social service at deep center of France (Loir-et-Cher) founding a second hand cloth shop and social grocery for underprivileged people…

She got involved also in some environment deeds in Europe keeping herself very attentive and careful on this front. In India she started a local women empowerment program around paper bags actively supporting the plastic ban!

Her involvement with Kushi Parisara comes from her strong commitment to Mother Earth these days in such a deep need of all of us to jointly endeavour to protect her!

She is planning workshops on Smokeless cook stove, to save women and children from unhealthy smokes, and also she projects to start locally directed action towards feminine sustainable hygiene and menstruation.

She is keen to work together on these beautiful projects, bringing the best of her energy, skills and good wishes!

Martine is our privileged communication manager!