Vision & Goals

Run by volunteers committed towards creating new ecological conditions to mitigate environmental—biological, social and cultural—deterioration, Śuddha: Khushi Parisara is a registered Society  [UKK-S234-2015-16] of persons from diverse backgrounds with a shared concern for their environment.

Śuddha: Khushi Parisara aims to create a platform to promote environmental literacy by enabling application of strategies to reduce, reuse, and recycle resources, and for the betterment of the environment.

Starting its mission in Alvedande, Kumta and Gokarna, Khushi Parisara believes that local people assisted with good sustenance are powerfully capable of tackling their severe environmental issues of sanitary and waste management in the best and most innovative way, apt to become a model in Uttara Kannada to trigger further action in the entire District.
Khushi Parisara considers that the reasons behind the excess of malinya parisara (environmental pollution) do not result from the high population density, but from ignorance (avidya); it is not because there is bad or ill will, but because there is unmindfulness and unawareness.

In order to reduce and eradicate malinya parisara, it is necessary to update or provide the required knowledge. Natural goodwill, care, and investment will bring resolve for remediation.
We can only find and implement solutions once we understand the causes of deterioration and act upon them.
When we see the suffering, harm, and dosha we have caused unknowingly and unwillingly, our
generous nature will immediately develop the right action. Gradually, the needed corrections will be made.
Our projects foster the population’s wisdom on how to find individual, collective and global solutions, and putting them into practice.
A protective approach to environment will lead all of us to examine our actions and their consequences, recognising that certain habits are harmful. We will want our basic goodwill to be more than just an idea, so we can apply it scrupulously in every situation possible.
Inevitably, that goodwill will have a noticeable impact.
Based on this, it is all about developing new good practices, efficiently adjusted to the precarious environmental context.

Change starts right here, right now!


KP Memorandum 2022