Along with the composting endeavour at Fish market and other places, with the blessings of TMC and  DHO, other experiments are going on.

Using drains as dustbins saves investment and makes extremely accessible the disposal of waste by public. It is the main choice in Kumta, even after the collection of dry waste is done by Municipality..

KT Drain Subhash copy

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reversed bin copy

BS drain-

pickup bustand

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The next choice is breeding mosquitos, promoting and nurturing their development.

near FM 28.3 copy        KT drain copy


P1070416        P1070415 P1070414         P1070413

P1070411    P1070394   P1070393 drainl        drain copy BS drain

The less extended choice is to make them outlet of private toilets.

P1060292 copy

P1060293 copy

P1060294 copy






The town is happy in keeping these procedures going …


There is dengue?