To the Honorable Member Convenor, NGT-SLC
Mr. Subhash Adi

Khushi Parisara regrets to bring to your cognizance that the attached reply [DOC.1] from Gokarna PDO is not (yet, perhaps) the intimated compliance with SWM, nor report on action taken.
Following which,

  1. Because of its lack of quality, veracity and transparency, Khushi Parisara requested to the liable hierarchical superiors the infra detailed information, as per the attached documents [DOC.2] , to widerly cognise the amplitude of bureaucratic endeavours on the case
  1. Validation and ratification of all the assertions of PDO about Gokarna Gram Panchayat compliance with SWM, as displayed in the attached document.
  1. Detailed information on the notices, instructions, directions, suggestions endowed to Gokarna PDO during his tenure – by written or orally – on behalf of Gokarna sanitation related to Wastes Management (Solid, Liquid, E-waste, Debris, Plastic, Hazardous, etc.), and if the observance of such directions was monitored.
  2. Particulars of the taken on, and actioned suggestions submitted by the SBM National Expert, Mrs Almitra Patel and ENGO Khushi Parisara during the last years.B. It may be relevant for the assessment of the situation, to bring to your attention the reports of the inspections carried out by KSPCB on the last 4 years and the orders issued.
    Kindly find them attached [DOC.3].

    C. Also, we would like to bring to light our last assessment of snags and proposal to overcome them (complaint submitted to NGT South Bench – OA 234/2023), to which we now add the suspension and replacement of current PDO and Secretary, due to their mismanagement of local waste and sanitation all the long of their tenure, increasing environmental casualties.
    Kindly find attached a brief of it [DOC.4]

17 November 2023