Post Graduate and Doctorate on Environmental Sciences Roopa started her career teaching in the Post Graduate Departments of Environmental Sciences and Applied Botany. Then as Research Associate she studied the Impact of Globalization and Economic Liberalization on farmers of India.

Later as Program Officer at FRLHT (Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions), she coordinated the programs of South Asia Medicinal Plant Conservation Network.

She was also Editor of the Quarterly Newsletter Medication Network News for the National Medicinal Plant Board and Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Program in Asia.

Her work in FRLHT helped her to understand the link between biodiversity and traditional practices, shaping her research on traditional practices liable to protect ecosystems.

Later she became founding member and Vice-President of Khushi Parisara, as well of the Observatory for Indigenous Knowledge and Practices, both Uttara Kannada based ventures for tackling current anthropogenic environmental issues.

Now she is working as Assessor at the Karnataka Evaluation Authority, Government of Karnataka.

Her passion is to find simple and inexpensive ways to save the environment by looking for solutions in traditional practices.