Sooraj Nayak lives in Kanagil, a remote village in Ankola, Uttara Kannada, where he was born in 1980 and brought up, until he moved away to pursue his studies (Karwar, Ankola, Sirsi), graduating from Mysore, and post-graduating from Bangalore, GDCRI [the only post-graduation provided by Government College in Karnataka].

He became then an oral and maxillofacial dental surgeon, implantologist.

He returned to his home town, where he lives, working at Prema Dental Clinic and Maxillofacial Surgical Center, Gokarna as well as at Arya Medical Center, Ankola; being also consultant oral surgeon and implantologist in Uttara Kannada neighbouring districts.

He encourages organic farming to maintain environment health not only by reducing the level of health hazards pollutants in the products, as also the cost of the agricultural production keeping it at a sustainable level.

As organic farming improves the soil health ensuring optimum utilisation of our natural resources it powerfully helps to conserve them for future generation, improving the soil’s properties reducing nutrient loss into water bodies and environment.