The waste management practices of Tourism Service Providers (TSP) on the seashore remain, year after year, perfectly ecocidal.

Their preferred system is the open burning of all waste, creating a long hours persistent smoke on their area, either at early morning or late evening.

The alternate system is the burying of all waste on the shoreline, either on a pit or on bags:

IMG-20181025-WA0010 IMG-20181025-WA0009-1 IMG-20181025-WA0006 IMG-20181025-WA0005-1 IMG-20181025-WA0003 IMG_20181028_150025

Their Union (unfortunately not representative of the whole operators, only 20%) is making an effort to slowly change this pattern but needs further guidance from Gram Panchayat and support from Tourism Department. What is not happening at all.

The Union has organised a partial clean up of a given stretch of the seashore

IMG_20181030_181034 IMG_20181030_181151 IMG_20181030_181436 IMG_20181030_181438

But after it lots of waste remained, and will remain

P1100799 P1100792 P1100788 IMG-20181025-WA0006IMG_20181028_070253IMG_20181028_070148 IMG_20181028_070133 IMG_20181028_070124 IMG_20181028_070107 IMG_20181028_065903IMG_20181031_072845-1 IMG_20181031_072836-1 IMG_20181031_072827-1 IMG_20181031_072815-1 IMG_20181031_072801

After the clean up the seashore was for some days a burning place

IMG_20181031_182910_HHT IMG_20181031_182856_HHT IMG_20181031_182740_HHTIMG_20181031_093248 IMG_20181031_093232beach fire beach fire-